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Monday the 22nd of April 2019 | AM Edition Published by JRAC, Inc.
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A Bus to Stonehenge

I awoke this morning full of excitement. But first breakfast.

Breakfast, by the way, at this hotel, is a small "continental breakfast" left outside your door at 6am. Of course a continential breakfast on the European continent (for which the term applies) is quite a bit different than what Americans are accustomed. Fare usually includes: coffee/tea, juice, local bread, butter, jam, and a local side item (like crossiants in France, or cheese in Switzerland, or yogurt in England).

I stepped outside to find rain: pouring rain, slowing to patchy, drissly rain, which gave the false hope of the rain stopping, only to dash such dream with renewed wet vigor. Undeterred, I headed out, hat on head, jacket pulled close, and started wallking to the pick-up point. I went the wrong way. Eventually the street numbers convinced me of this, though they were appearantly going both up and down, in yet another attempt to spoil my day. I turned around and walked the other direction. Just when I began to doubt this latest decision, I saw the sign waiting ahead. I waited in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel until until the tour bus arrived. We were all dropped off at the central bus station. I bought my ticket and boarded yet another bus, this one to Stonehenge. There were five people on board. When we finailly departed there were only a total of 15. The tour guide pointed out "the sun will come out...eventually. Maybe even today." As we drove along, he pointed out Windsor Castle. Rolling farmland slipped past the windows.

The further we drove the better the weather looked. Eventually we left all traces of rain behind, and had a beautiful day all day, until we returned to London.

Our first stop was the Town of Bath, where remains of a Roman bath complex had been discovered. Located at a mineral-rich hot spring, and in use since before Roman times, the baths are quite interesting. I focused on the Romain ruins, taking lots of photos (as usual) which I think will document my travels quite well.

[Title: "Roman Bath Complex" ImageID: 534084_23 ]

Afterwards, I visited the Abbey, walked past the "Circus" which is a large circular collection of building with curved fronts all facing each other, appearantly build by the same architects as much of the town. Also pasted the Jane Austen center. Next I grabbed some lunch, and we loaded back onto the bus. Onward to Stonehenge!

On the way, off in the distance, I saw the Iron Age horse carved into the white sub-surface stone high on the side of a hill. [research this further].

Then at last we came to Stonehenge. Words cannot adaquatly describe the feeling of standing at a place I've longed to see for much of my lifetime. Wow, it was amazing. My photos should reveal more...

[Title: "Stonehenge I" ImageID: 512356_2 ]

[Title: "Stonehenge II" ImageID: 534018_20 ]

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