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Saturday the 7th of December 2019 | AM Edition Published by JRAC, Inc.
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Swiss Excursion, Part I

I awoke this morning ready to head to Switzerland. I packed my suitcase, and headed out for a few last minute errands. First stop was the Internet Cafe to check my email. You can imagine my dismay when I read the note from my Swiss friend Franziska that Swiss Air had gone backrupt and was not flying any planes! I hurried back to the hotel, and tried to ask the desk clerk what he had heard. Nothing helpful, so I had him call me a cab to the airport, grabbed my suitcase, and awaited the cab.

At the airport I found that while Swiss Air was not flying, their partner Cross Air was, and my ticket had already been transfered over to Cross Air. I left voice mail for Franziska with the new flight info, and proceeded to await my plane. I arrived in Zurich, claimed by baggage, and then started waiting for Franziska. Eventually we found each other, and had an enjoyable conversation in the car on the way back to her mother's house.

Dinner with her family was enjoyable and the food very tasty. We all stayed up late talking and catching up on news, until I at last had call it a day, out of sheer exhustion.

Thu Oct 4

Today I awoke early, had an excellent Swiss breakfast of various cheeses and breads and coffee, and headed out for a day of adventure with Franziska and Ruth.

They had planned quite a day for me, and I was to enjoy every minute of it. First we drove to the Schaffhausen train station. We took a train via Zurich, to Arth-Goldau near lake Zugersee. From there we took a cogwheel train up Mount Rigi to the top.

[Title: "James and Franziska At Rigi" ImageID: 512398_9 ]

[Title: "Franziska and Ruth At Rigi" ImageID: 512398_10 ]

It was rather foggy at the top, so we took a few photos and then ate lunch, before taking another train down the other side of the mountain down to Vitznau on lake Luzern.

[Title: "Franziska on the Train" ImageID: 512398_12 ]

[Title: "Ruth and Franziska on Train" ImageID: 512398_15 ]

[Title: "Lake Luzern" ImageID: 512398_20 ]

We took an ice cream break in Vitznau, before cathing a ferry boat to the city of Luzern, where we caught a train back to Schaffhausen (via Zurich).

[Title: "Ruth and Franziska at Lake Luzern" ImageID: 512398_22 ]

[Title: "Ruth and James at Lake Luzern" ImageID: 512398_23 ]

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